Linda Lusardi and daughter take the stage at this year’s Cinderella panto

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Linda Lusardi and daughter take the stage at this year’s Cinderella panto
Linda Lusardi and daughter take the stage at this year’s Cinderella panto

TV star and former glamour model Linda Lusardi and her daughter Lucy Kane are starring in Blackburn Empire Theatre’s pantomime production of Cinderella this Christmas.

The cast of performers and panto professionals who will make this the Empire’s biggest festive run ever with a ton of magic and even a surprise feature from ponies.

Playing the beloved Fairy Godmother, Linda’s motherly bond with her daughter, will transcend on stage in front of an audience as Lucy will be starring as Cinderella.

Linda played the Wicked Queen in a Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Christmas pantomime starring Lucy last year, however this is the first time Linda will be playing a nice character with her daughter.

Linda Lusardi as the Fairy Godmother

Linda said: "This time I’m just sweet and nice and I love it because I get to wear this sparkly costume and the kids don’t boo you for once.

“I’m performing with my daughter so it’s brilliant to be working with someone you love  and get on so well with.

“Not only that, she’s just so talented and a lovely person so it’s just fun to be with her on stage and I pinch myself everyday that I’m up there because I know it won’t be forever but it’s so nice to be up there as mum and daughter.”

Cinderella panto cast. Image: Square Cactus

The Tom Rolfe Productions will feature an all star cast including a multi-award-winning magigican and comedian JezO as Buttons and professional panto dames Colin Roberts and Mervyn Francis as the ugly sisters.

The pantomime promises to be a real treat for the whole family complete with “beautiful costumes, a very funny script and just the magic of panto,” Linda said.

“It’s so great to see kids come to the theatre for their first time, especially after the couple of years that we’ve just gone through.

“It’s nice to come as a family and enjoy a good wholesome show that will make you laugh, make you smile and let you have a good sing along as well.”

Lucy Kane as Cinderella. Image: Square Cactus

The singing sensation and IARA Best Young Female Artist award winner Lucy Kane has performed in hundreds of live gigs as well as appearing on The Voice UK in 2017.

Her latest venture as Cinderella sees the talented performer bring a new side to the popular Disney princess.

She said: "I think if you think of princesses in fairy tales, you think of very quiet and sort of meek, mild women but I think it will be nice to play her a bit stronger, a little bit more bolshie.”

Speaking on what it’s been like to perform with her mum Linda again, Lucy added: “I love performing with mum, because when you do pantos, you spend lot of time away from home at Christmas, which is a time when you want to be around your family.

“So to be with her at this time of year, it’s just amazing and we’re best friends so we have a real laugh.”

The pantomime show will be on from Saturday, November 26, through to December 31, 2022.

Tickets are available online at, by phone on 01254 685500, or in person at the box office on Aqueduct Road, Blackburn.