Linda Lusardi says her health is ‘nearly back to normal’ after Covid-19 battle

Kimberley Bond

Linda Lusardi has shared an update on her health after recovering from coronavirus.

The 61-year-old was in intensive care with Covid-19 less than eight weeks ago, with the former glamour model admitting she was “at death’s door” and that she could “feel her organs failing” as she battled the deadly disease.

However, Lusardi has now said she is “nearly back to normal” following her recovery and has once again thanked NHS workers for looking after her while she was sick.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain presenters Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh about the ongoing Clap for Carers, Lusardi said: “The first clap I was actually in hospital, in bed, fighting for my life. Each Thursday it brings a tear to my eye to remember the staff and the nurses that brought me back to life, really.”

She added she felt it was important for the Clap for Carers initiative to continue, despite its organiser calling for tonight's applause to be the last one.

“Those frontline workers are still going into the eye of the storm every single week and I think it’s important that the neighbourhood remember that they’re out there doing that,” Lusardi explained.

Linda has urged people to clap for carers (Good Morning Britain)

“Nothing’s changed for them. They’re still going, they’re still missing their leave. They’re still not having their holidays, and I think it’s a small price to pay to go out and to clap, and to remember what they’re doing.”

Lusardi has previously become emotional while describing her coronavirus ordeal, with husband Sam Kane having also contracted the virus.

She spent 10 days in hospital with fever, chronic chest pains and vomiting.

She told The Sun: “It got to the stage where both of us were praying we wouldn’t wake up because it was so bad.

“Please take care of yourselves, loved ones and each other.”

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