Linda Nolan says she's trying to remain 'positive' amid cancer battle

Linda Nolan has talked about her cancer treatment. (WireImage)
Linda Nolan has talked about her cancer treatment. (WireImage)

Linda Nolan has said she was a "complete mess" after she was told her cancer treatment wasn't working, but that she is trying to remain positive.

The singer, 63, was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in 2017 – after first having the disease in 2005 – and will need long-term treatment as she has been told her illness is treatable but not curable.

Opening up to The Sun, she said she started chemotherapy again in September but that it didn't work as well as they'd hoped and that tumours on her liver were growing.

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“It was a shock," she said. "But I’ll do anything to stay alive."

The star is battling cancer. (Getty Images)
The star is battling cancer. (Getty Images)

"For the next two days I was a complete mess," she went on. "I was crying. I needed those days to get it out of my system."

Linda found fame as part of the singing group The Nolans alongside her sisters Coleen, Anne, Denise, Maureen and Bernie.

Bernie died in 2013 after battling breast cancer, and Anne has also been diagnosed with the illness.

Linda said she has now lost her hair, eyebrows and nails because of chemo, but that Loose Women star Coleen told her she didn't care what it took, as long as it didn't take Linda herself.

The Nolans, who had their record 'Dressed to Kill' thrown out of the top 100 pop chart. Left to right; Linda Nolan, Anne Nolan, Bernie Nolan, Coleen Nolan, and Maureen Nolan
The sisters found fame as a singing group. (PA)

The singer said that as well as her family support she also speaks to a counsellor about what she is going through.

“I do my best to be positive but I am hanging on by my fingernails, which are damaged anyway from the chemo," she said.

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Linda shared that she does have days where she feels low and struggles to get out of bed as there is a "big, grey cloud of doom" hanging over her.

"But I try to be positive," she added.

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