Linda Robson insists she hasn't fallen out with Pauline Quirke

Linda Robson is on good terms with Pauline Quirke credit:Bang Showbiz
Linda Robson is on good terms with Pauline Quirke credit:Bang Showbiz

Linda Robson has insisted she is still on good terms with Pauline Quirke.

The actresses are known for having starred as sisters Tracey and Sharon Stubbs in sitcom 'Birds of a Feather' but rumours of a fall-out began to circulate when Pauline, 62, declined to appear in the 2020 Christmas special, and now Linda has claimed it was only because her former co-star wanted to quit acting.

She said: "People say Pauline and I have fallen out. Obviously I couldn't see her during lockdown but I've seen her since. She just doesn't want to act anymore. She's had enough - it's long hours. She's concentrating on her drama academies. She's very hands on, going to classes and all that."

The 63-year-old actress also revealed she still speaks to Lesley Joseph, who starred alongside the pair as their promiscuous neighbour Dorien Green.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I see Lesley [Joseph] all the time because we won 'Celebrity Coach Trip' last year. And during the lockdowns I would leave funny things on her doorstep, like Tena Lady and hair dye!"

Linda - who took a lengthy break from her regular role on ITV chat show 'Loose Women' while she battled personal issues with alcohol and obsessive compulsive disorder - explained that her co-stars kept in touch with her regularly throughout her ordeal.

She added: "But when I was ill, both Pauline and Lesley rang me, or a member of my family, every couple of days to see how I was. They were both a big support and really there for me."

Linda has appeared on 'Loose Women' as a regular since 2012, and she joked that while some people may be "scared" of her fellow panellist Janet-Street Porter, she is a really "lovely caring woman".

She said: "Janet Street Porter rang me every day when I was off. People can be a bit scared of Janet - but she’s actually a pussycat, a really lovely caring woman!"