Lindsay Lohan on the Comeback Trail - Will She Avoid a Detour?

After drug arrests, SCRAM bracelets, a jewelry theft charge, orange jumpsuits and community service at the Los Angeles morgue, who would ever guess that Lindsay Lohan, 25, would firmly plant her platform shoes on the comeback trail? It seemed that the troubled actress, who recently posed for Playboy, would never land a decent acting gig again.

Now, that's all changed. Not too long ago, the "Mean Girls" star hosted an episode of "Saturday Night Live," and now she's scheduled to appear as a guest on the enormously popular TV show "Glee." But what's even better than that? The former child actress, who hit the movie scene with her performance as 11-year-old twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James in "The Parent Trap," has landed a significant role. She'll be playing screen legend Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming TV movie.

The lucky Lohan can put the past behind her, especially since her life on formal probation has ended. "I don't expect to see you again," said Los Angeles Superior Court judge Stephanie Sautner. "Goodbye and good luck." Informal probation will remain until 2014 for that jewelry theft, but for all practical purposes, Lindsay's as good as free.

Alcohol and drugs have been the two biggest problems for the shattered star. In fact, the iconic Taylor allegedly dealt with substance abuse as well. "I am honored to be playing Elizabeth Taylor," says Lohan. "There are a lot of similarities (in her life) that I can relate to."

So can the woman who showed a true gift for acting, in her earlier and relatively trouble-free days, avoid another detour? The "Machete" actress has never left our sights, but she's remained in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Lindsay truly has a second chance. Doors that were once bolted shut are now open for her. Can she keep them open?

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