Lindsay Lohan wants to make T-shirts about her new accent

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Last week, we were all left stunned when a new video of Lindsay Lohan emerged and she was seemingly speaking with a bizarre new accent.

The American star has been spending a lot of time in Turkey, and some argued that she had somehow picked up a Turkish twang in her voice.

Still, Lindsay isn’t letting the viral video get the better of her, with the actress instead tweeting that she is considering turning #accentgate into a funny T-shirt.

She wrote to her millions of followers: “Should we make T-shirts about my new accent, donate [money] to charity. Turn silly to something positive for the [world]?”

We have to admit, that is a good idea.

Lindsay’s mum, Dina, hit back at the cynics slating the 30 year old for the accent, insisting that Linds simply has a “gift” when it comes to learning new languages.

She explained: “I raised Lindsay and all my children to constantly learn different languages and embrace different cultures. Since Lindsay was a kid, she was speaking fluent Italian because my mother is Italian and would only speak to her in it.

“She taught herself how to speak French, Arabic, Hebrew and the list goes on. Lindsay has a very high IQ and is very intelligent and can pick up on any language in a minute. She has that gift.

“She is a worldly person who has so many talents and so much to offer, and that’s what makes her so special and so beautiful.”

Lindsay’s dad, Michael, added: “Lindsay picks up languages like I pick up a coffee! I will tell you this, she’s spoken other languages on the phone with me – languages I don’t understand.

“I’ll be on the phone with her and I’ll hear her say something in fluent Farsi to a friend she’s with.”

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love to have that “gift”?

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