'Line of Duty' creator Jed Mercurio reveals 'less than a dozen people' know H's real identity

The latest series of Line Of Duty has been a hit with viewers (Photo: BBC)
The latest series of Line Of Duty has been a hit with viewers (Photo: BBC)

Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has revealed that less than 10 people know ‘H’s real identity.

Since the hit BBC crime thriller returned, the search has been on to find the corrupt police officer only known as ‘H’.

Despite the various twists and turns – and a few clues thrown in for good measure – viewers are still trying to work out which member of the force is guilty.

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Explaining how he has managed to keep the suspense going, Mercurio told the Mirror that he has only told a select few people.

“You will be reassured to know that I do actually know who H is and very few of us do.

“The number of people who genuinely know right now is probably less than a dozen and I’m looking forward to the day when it can be measured in millions. It’s something that takes us in interesting places,” he continued to comment.

The latest episode of Line Of Duty saw Superintendent Ted Hastings being questioned following John Corbett’s shocking death.

With all the clues pointing to the head of AC-12 being ‘H’, actor Adrian Dunbar recently suggested that his character isn’t ‘H’.

Line of Duty fans believe Ted Hastings is ‘H’ (Photo: BBC)
Line of Duty fans believe Ted Hastings is ‘H’ (Photo: BBC)

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“It’s up to Jed Mercurio. But it would be very strange at this point, I think, for Ted to turn out to be a baddie.”

Mercurio added: “I think I do write characters that have certain characteristics and one of them is the characters that we are meant to get behind, Ted and all the AC-12 characters who aren’t baddies.”

Meanwhile, actress Rochenda Sandall recently shared her thoughts on H’s true identity.

During an appearance on This Morning, Sandall told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “It will certainly have some form of conclusion but as you’re all aware there’s still another series to go.”

The series will end with a 90 minute grand final episode on Sunday 5 May.