Line of Duty theory connects Jo Davidson directly to John Corbett

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Photo credit: BBC

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Mother of God, it's another pulse-pounding series for Line of Duty. As Jed Mercurio's drama continues to cement itself as the Game of Thrones of the police-procedural world, things are starting to come into focus about what's going on up at The Hill. New to season six is Kelly Macdonald's DCI Joanne Davidson, who like it or not, looks like this arc's bent copper. (We didn't say "is", we said "looks like".)

While the second episode left us with (typically) more questions than answers, fans think they've already uncovered Davidson's murky past.

The episode ended with Davidson being escorted from AC-12's building by secret OCG mole PC Ryan Pilkington. With doubts already about Davidson's competence in solving the murder of Gail Vella, the episode strongly hinted that the DCI could be the next Tony Gates and is being blackmailed by the Organised Crime Group.

All well and good, but according to some fans, Davidson's links could go back even further and neatly tie to the story of Stephen Graham's John Corbett from season five. (As well as Vella's reporting, which links every series so far.)

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Episode one fleshed out Davidson's backstory in one scene that showed her apartment. An emotional Jo looked at an old picture of her mum, then promptly threw a glass at it in rage. Although it was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, eagle-eyed viewers noted that Davidson's mother looked a lot like Anne-Marie McGillis.

Line of Duty's wicked web is a complexly woven one, but for those who need a refresher, McGillis was the birth mother of John Corbett. Ted Hastings used her as an informant back in the day and felt responsible for the death of Corbett in season five, which led to the Superintendent giving John's widow £50k last season.

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Many have questioned why a relatively minor character like Steph Corbett would be back in season six, but with John's story potentially not over, it makes sense that the writers need to keep his family around.

How does Jo Davidson come into things though?

While it looks like she's the latest puppet of the OCG, some have suggested a different twist to the tale. Similar to how Corbett went undercover inside the OCG last season, the idea is that Davidson is pulling the old switcheroo. Even if the OCG thinks she's doing its bidding, what if she's infiltrated the ranks and is posing as a bent copper? In reality, Davidson could be planning to take it down from within as vengeance for her family.

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Elsewhere, Jo's apartment was a treasure trove of Easter eggs. Was there a reason she bolted the doors behind her and had extra security? Given the grisly way John Corbett met his maker at the hands of Ryan Pilkington, it makes sense that Jo is keeping her wits about her.

Either way, Jo is her very own Roz Huntley of manipulation and seems to be two steps ahead of AC-12's fumbling in the dark. We're only two episodes in, and Jo is already one of the show's most complex characters. When former girlfriend Farida Jatri questioned why she'd never met Jo's family, Davidson snapped back that she didn't have any.

Looking at the bigger picture, Jo being the sister or half-sister of John Corbett has some altogether more shocking repercussions. Let's remember that Hastings was rumoured to have been having an affair with Anne-Marie McGillis, meaning Jo could be the love child of Hastings himself.

Given the prevalent (albeit obvious) theories that Hastings could be the mysterious H, prepare for the doors to be blown off. Are we "sucking diesel" with the idea Joanne Davison is really the daughter of Anne-Marie McGillis, or is this one tenuous connection that's leaking like a colander? Watch this space...

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