What links Sheep Meadow and Strawberry Fields? The Weekend quiz

<span>Photograph: Photos by RA Kearton/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Photos by RA Kearton/Getty Images

The questions

1 Who disappeared in the summer of 1483?
2 The majority of what are classed as main sequence?
3 Clarence Odbody (angel second class) appears in what festive film?
4 What is the only country with rugby league as its national sport?
5 Who wrote three surrealist manifestos?
6 Which Christmas hit was named after a JP Donleavy novel?
7 “Oxford housewife wins Nobel Prize” was a headline about whom?
8 Which river is spanned by the Royal Border Bridge?
What links:
9 Sheep Meadow; Belvedere Castle; Bethesda Terrace; Strawberry Fields?
10 Dean Martin; Charlie Chaplin; James Brown; Eartha Kitt; George Michael?
11 Trinity, 1945; First Lightning, 1949; Operation Hurricane, 1952?
12 Guyana; Liberia; US; New Zealand; Kazakhstan, since March?
13 Empty hand; gentle way; kick fist art?
14 Daniel Defoe; Kim Novak; Robin Wright; Alex Kingston?
15 Southampton (one, with a halo); pawnbroker (three); Medici (six)?

The answers

1 Princes in the Tower (Edward V and Richard, Duke of York).
2 Stars (on Hertzsprung-Russell diagram).
3 It’s A Wonderful Life.
4 Papua New Guinea.
5 André Breton.
6 Fairytale Of New York.
7 Dorothy Hodgkin (Chemistry, 1964).
8 Tweed (at Berwick-upon-Tweed).
9 Features of Central Park, NYC.
10 Entertainers who died on Christmas Day.
11 First nuclear weapons tests: US; USSR; UK.
12 Capitals named after people: Georgetown (George III); Monrovia (James Monroe); Washington; Wellington; Nur-Sultan (renamed after Nursultan Nazarbayev).
13 Meanings of names of martial arts: karate; judo (Japanese); taekwondo (Korean).
14 Moll Flanders: wrote novel; played on screen.
15 Balls/spheres: one on club badge; three on shop sign; six on family coat of arms.