Lion That Escaped From Flooded Tbilisi Zoo Kills Man

Andy Wells
A lion that escaped from Tbilisi Zoo has killed a man
A lion that escaped from Tbilisi Zoo has killed a man

A lion that escaped from a flooded zoo in Georgia has reportedly killed a man in the city centre.

Another person has reportedly been wounded by the animal, that is still being hunted by special forces.

Several animals - many dangerous - were let loose from their enclosures at Tbilisi Zoo after flash floods destroyed them last week.

Residents in the area have been advised to stay indoors after tigers lions and wolves were said to be roaming the streets.

Staff at the zoo yesterday claimed that all of the lions and tigers in the compound were found dead after the floods.

Zoo spokeswoman Mziya Sharashidze said eight lions, all seven of the zoo's tigers and at least two of its three jaguars were killed.

Only two of the zoo’s bears survived the floods while a young white lion named Shumba was found shot in the head at the zoo the day after the floods.

A hippopotamus was one of the big game animals recaptured.

At least 15 people were killed in the floods while 10 others are still missing.

Cars were washed away and homes were destroyed after the torrential downpour turned a stream in the city into a raging torrent.