Lion, Witch, Wardrobe Park Stage Show Opens

C.S. Lewis' classic tale The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe has been adapted for the stage using surround video and puppetry.

Oliver award-winning director Rupert Goold has taken the classic children's story about the winter world of Narnia and produced a high-tech production which is being shown in a tent in Kensington Gardens.

"It's a really big show actually," Goold told Sky News' Eamonn Holmes.

"We have illusionists, we have circus acts, we have flying, we have music and the projection is a real environmental world."

It is being co-directed by artistic director of Beggars And Kings Theatre Company, Michael Fentimen.

"The script itself, back in November, we tried to story board the whole production so the animators could start working on it and every page in the book is a massive moment you have to, sort of, honour," said Fentimen.

Adapting C.S. Lewis' fantasy, first published in 1950, is no easy feat and Goold explained how he approached getting started on the show.

"When I was approached about adapting the piece I was reading it to my son, Raf, and it was the first book I read on my own, I think, and on re-reading it to my boy I kind of remembered how personal it was and I really remembered climbing into the wardrobe with Lucy and that exploration," he said.

"We wanted to really get back to the experience as a child going through an imaginative journey rather than a period drama, Enid Blyton, mid-twentieth century sort of thing."