Lions 'Predict' Alamo Bowl Winner at San Antonio Zoo

The lions of the San Antonio Zoo predicted the winner of college football’s Alamo Bowl on December 28, the zoo said, by choosing between boxes – one bearing the logo of the Texas Longhorns and the other of the Colorado Buffaloes.

Footage sent to Storyful by the zoo shows lioness Axelle swiftly approaching the Texas Longhorns box.

“Within seconds, lioness Axelle made her decision by knocking over the hand-painted Texas Longhorn box while her parents, Sarabi and Tao, looked on in astonishment,” wrote the zoo in a press release. “If it wasn’t clear enough, Axelle then proceeded to carry the box away, ripping it apart in the process.”

The 28th Annual Valero Alamo Bowl showdown between the Texas Longhorns and the Colorado Buffaloes had been scheduled for December 29. Credit: San Antonio Zoo via Storyful