Lisa Rinna Applies Lipgloss in the Middle of the Night Because That’s What Beauty Bosses Do (Exclusive)

The beauty mogul and former 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' star opened up to PEOPLE about her beauty empire and her round the clock routine

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Lisa Rinna might lounge around in sweats like everyone else, but there's one accessory the Rinna Beauty founder always has on no matter what: lip gloss. (Make that two if you count her bucket hats.)

The product, which Rinna launched her beauty brand with in 2020, is such a round-the-clock must-have that she even keeps a tube by her bedside, and reapplies in the middle of the "freaking night," she tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Her go-to? Pink Champagne or No Filter from her Icon Collection Lip Gloss, $20.

“I don't wear makeup [at home]. The only thing I have on at all times is one of them,” she says.

<p>Rinna Beauty</p>

Rinna Beauty

Rinna's beauty philosophy echos her approach: “do what makes you feel good.”

Rinna admits there have been “plenty” of times when she tried something new and the look may not have gone as planned, but she sees all those moments as learning opportunities.

“Don't worry about what other people think. If you like to wear tons and tons of makeup, go for it,” she says. “I think experimentation is really fun. Don't be afraid to go far right, far left. Play and have a good time. Enjoy yourself with makeup — it's fun!”

<p>Rinna Beauty</p>

Rinna Beauty

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Now a beauty entreprenuer, Rinna understands there is so much makeup out there to choose from that it can get overwhelming. To that end, Rinna emphasizes that her products — from lip kits to eye kits — can be mixed and matched to match whatever "vibe" your heart desires.

Her eye kits include the Better Naked Iconic Eye Kit, Smoke Show Iconic Eye Kit and Be Extra Iconic Eye Kit, all for $59, and they come with a shadow palette, mascara, a crayon and a two-sided applicator brush.

“With these, even if you had one kit, you'd be fine,” Rinna says. “But if you have all three, you're set for morning, lunch, dinner, and all night long. If you want to go to the disco or dancing, you’re set.”

Rinna Beauty
Rinna Beauty

When it comes to her beauty influences, the mogul gives credit where it's due, from her makeup pros to the drag queens she watches on TV.

“I always say I've learned so much, not only from all the makeup artists I've gotten to work with, but RuPaul's Drag Race, watching them as they're putting on their makeup and talking,” she tells PEOPLE. “I learned more watching them than [anyone else].”

She shares that as she’s taking in the show, she's also taking “mental notes” to apply to her own looks later.

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While each and every product is Rinna-tested and approved, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 60, has her favorites — and so does her husband, Harry Hamlin.

Rinna says that Hamlin likes her makeup free most. “My go-to makeup [for a night] with Harry is no makeup. And that's just the honest truth."

But when it comes to her glam looks, he is partial to the vibe of her "Heidi" character featured on her Heidi Lip Kit, $49 — and the nude lipstick she wears aptly named Mrs. Hamlin.

“That's his favorite of all the characters that I play. He likes her.”

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Unique Nicole/FilmMagic

At the end of the day, for Rinna, her brand and personal style is all about feeling good — and that’s what she hopes to instill in her followers and people who use her products.

“I think it's important if you feel confident doing your makeup, you won't have as many moments of, ‘Oh, God. Look what I've done,’” she says.

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