Lisa Rinna shuts down age-shamers with bikini photo: 'I'm 58 and here is my old and ugly'

Lisa Rinna has Paulina Porizkova's back after the Czech-born supermodel's bikini photos garnered ageist reactions, with one commenter telling the 57-year-old that she must be struggling with becoming "old and ugly" as she ages.

“You must be in so much pain to keep posting bikini pictures at your age,” a comment shared by Porizkova last week read. “I’ve always thought that getting old and ugly is hardest on the pretty people. The fall from grace is so much farther when you were beautiful. ... I pray you can come to terms with your mortality.”

A defiant Porizkova fired back against the "ageist shaming," writing on Instagram — alongside another bikini shot — that "there is no such thing as ugly and old, only shortsighted and ignorant.”

Porizkova's post moved Rinna, 58, to reach for her own two-piece. On Saturday, the actress and Real Housewives personality shared a shot of herself posing in an olive green string bikini to Instagram Stories. Rinna's caption referenced the age shaming Porizkova received.

"[Paulina Porizkova] posted a photo of herself in a bikini and she was called old and ugly for doing so," the Days of our Lives alum wrote. "Well I'm 58 and here is my 'old and ugly.'"

Rinna posed in a green string bikini as a show of support for Paulina Porizkova. (Photo: Lisa Rinna/Instagram Stories)
Rinna posed in a green string bikini as a show of support for Paulina Porizkova. (Photo: Lisa Rinna/Instagram Stories)

Rinna — who also celebrated her 58th birthday last July with a swimsuit shot and the caption "this is what 58 looks like" — wasn't the only one storming social media in defense of Porizkova. As the model shared, the age-shaming comment she shared inspired many others to post their own photos celebrating themselves.

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"At first beautiful mature women started to post their own 'ugly and suffering' bikini photos," Porizkova wrote. "And then, close-up selfies of their beautiful faces. And men got in there too, posting themselves at their 'old and ugly' age, hiking, working out, climbing mountains, hanging with their grandkids and their spouses — just having the times of their lives. ... I ended up in tears at well past midnight, still scrolling and commenting on this wave of affirmations of one another. For one night, the world seemed a beautiful place."

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