Lisa Snowdon suffered 'excruciating' pain as she battled COVID for second time

Lisa Snowdon has had COVID twice. (PA)
Lisa Snowdon has had COVID twice. (PA)

Lisa Snowdon has told how she suffered such “excruciating” pain that she nearly went to hospital as she battled COVID for the second time.

The presenter recently tested positive with the coronavirus for the second time even though she is double vaccinated.

Appearing on This Morning via Zoom, she said she had been totally “wiped out” by the virus and was so scared that she had a panic attack.

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“There were a couple of nights, like Friday night, my chest was so bad and my heart, and I just had like a panic attack on top of that and I was really scared," she said.

"That was one time I considered (going to hospital) and then on Sunday night as well I had this head pain that was beyond excruciating and I just couldn’t see. It was awful.

"I obviously didn't want to go hospital because I know there are people so much worse off than me, so that was going to be an absolute last resort but I did consider it.”

Snowdon, 49, said she has now “turned a corner”.

“Honestly, I'm dressed, I’ve showered, I’ve washed my hair especially for you and I couldn’t do that a couple of days ago," she told hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary.

“Energy is coming back, slowly slowly.”

“But it absolutely wiped me out - it is terrifying,” she went on.

“Especially because I’ve already had it. I had it last year in March 2020 before we went into lockdown.

“I’m not ignorant of the fact that I know that the vaccine isn’t going to stop us from getting it again but I just, I’ve been so careful, I really have. I have been wearing masks, I’ve been really cautious about going to events, it's just baffled me completely.”

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The star said the first time she had the illness she was "pretty bad" but that she was not bedridden, while she did stay in bed this time.

"It's just absolutely floored me," she said.

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