Lisa Snowdon Finds Love With Friend Of 15 Years, George Smart

Eeeek – summer’s here, and what with that warmer weather on the horizon everyone gets a little loved up and frisky don’t they?

And no, it’s not just us plebs who are looking all doe-eyed at that hunk across the bar in Yates’ this season – it’s the celebrities too.

Lisa Snowdon in fact, who is now rumoured to have got together with her long-term pal George Smart.


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Hurrah for love!

According to The Sun, George and Lisa have been pals for over 15 years, going way back to her time at MTV.

And now, the pair have FINALLY got it on. It’s a bit like Ross and Rachel off of Friends really, except for the three weddings, two babies and several seasons of top-quality sitcom under their belts.


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The pair have been spotted on each other’s Instagram quite a lot recently, snapped at the same wedding and even sitting next to each other – now if that’s not a couple, we don’t know what is.


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A friend of the presenter told the paper: “Lisa got really hurt when she split with her ex and she started growing close to George again.

“She has always liked him but things really took off between them at the end of last year.

“They have only been together for just over six months but things have moved quickly . They went on holiday to Ibiza together in June and it made her realise how special he is.

“She is smitten.”

Well shucks – we’re rooting for you guys!

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