Listen to the satisfying crackling sound snow-covered foliage makes when engulfed by lava in Iceland

The snow-covered foliage surrounding Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano made a satisfying crackling noise as it was engulfed by lava. Jakob Vegerfors filmed the close-up footage of the substance which can reach temperatures up to 1,250 degrees Celsius. The clip from April 7 shows a stream of lava rolling down the slopes of the fissure vent and slowly engulfing the nearby greenery. Vegerfors told Newsflare: "I spent 14 hours on location observing and documenting, both from distance and sometimes close like in the video. I had to move the camera back step by step, as when the lava breaks out like this the heat rises a lot. "The area is on top of a long crack underground, that currently has opened up into three fissures. So you have to be careful with where you stand and always plan how to run if you see smoke from the ground. Gases are a big threat at that time, so best to run upwind. "The lava itself is the hottest lava in any eruption in Iceland, as it's originating from almost 20 kilometres deep. It's almost 1,200 degrees Celsius which is hotter than any lava that has gotten to the surface in the area in around 7,000 years."