Lithuanian Couple Sculpt Their Own Million-Dollar Ferrari Out of Snow

A couple of sports car enthusiasts in Panevezys County, Lithuania, finally got the chance to own a Ferrari on January 31, after they sculpted a life-size replica of the LaFerrari supercar out of snow.

Footage captured by Donata Bugiene shows her husband building the Ferrari out of snow over a two-day period before he applies the final touches using a spatula and “environmentally friendly paint.”

Speaking to Storyful, Bugiene said, “The Ferrari is a real size, made to the dimensions of the original Ferrari LaFerrari,” a supercar that costs more than $1 million. She added, “We decided that if you can’t buy it – you can build it yourself!”

Bugiene added, “Now no one can deny that a Ferrari is standing in our yard.” Credit: Donata Bugiene via Storyful