A little bit of rain won't stop the Tartan Army party in Cologne

Stephen Beattie, Steven Forbes, Alex Morison, Ally Ritchie, and Brian Dunn wait for the pub to open
-Credit: (Image: Ross Turpie / Daily Record)

A little bit of rain was never going to stop the Tartan Army party in Cologne.

As the fan zones shut due to a weather warning on Tuesday, supporters piled into the pubs and ducked for cover.

It was a bit of an anti-climax really, as despite some early heavy rain, the so-called 'storm' never really materialised in the afternoon.

It was a grey and muggy afternoon in the city but the total shutdown did seem a bit over the top.

Nevertheless, the Scots are well-versed when it comes to miserable weather and those we joined at the Alter Markt knew exactly what to do - race down to the closest boozer to secure a table as early as possible, and set up camp for the day.

Elsewhere we linked up with the North East Tartan Army as they headed out on a booze cruise down the Rhine, and that was some experience.

Over 100 of the pals had met up for the trip and despite early concerns they were delighted the weather didn't put an end to those plans.

One of my favourite moments of the day was waving off little Loui Whyte as he headed down the river with the barmy lads.

It was the 11-month-old youngster from Peterhead's first party boat experience - and with those absolute characters around him bringing him up, I doubt it will be his last.