Your little black book of the best wellness practitioners and healing havens in London

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Feeling sluggish, unmotivated or a just bit hunched from being back at the dining table desk? Us too (to all three).

It could be time to consider some holistic healing — and London is home to some of the best wellness practitioners and spaces that will help get you back to your pre-pandemic self in no time.

Here’s our round up of the best.


USP: A chic modern space for ancient healing techniques


Pricc is a shiny new acupuncture studio that opened in Notting Hill last year. Founder Victorine Pot is on a mission to get more people experiencing the benefits of acupuncture at her chic space which is all insta-worthy pastel hues and houseplants. Sessions are affordable and can be booked in 30-minute slots meaning you could even work them into your lunch break.

Price: from £40 for 30 minutes

Where: 2b Chepstow Road, W2 5BH


USP: An urban escape to de-knot and de-stress

Spas are great and all, but time-poor city dwellers — and purists — should melt away anxiety woes at Masaj. Acing on its single offering (massages, obvs) is an urban sanctuary in the heart of Shoreditch. Ask for Deniel and you won’t be disappointed with his drool-worthy de-knotting skills.

Price: from £75 for 60 minutes

Where: 10 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, EC2A 3DH

Stretch Lab

USP: Limber up and walk an inch taller


Feeling tight now you’re back WFH? Book in for a 1:1 assisted stretch with a stretchologist at StretchLab and you’ll walk out feeling an inch taller. Regular stretch sessions can help to increase your range of motion while training, improve posture and aid post-workout recovery.

Price: from £55 for 50 minutes

Where: Fitzrovia/Notting Hill

Ross J. Barr Clinic

USP: The A-list acupuncturist specialising in women’s health

 (Ross Barr)
(Ross Barr)

Ross Barr is one of London’s most in-demand acupuncturists (the Duchess of Sussex is a former A-list client). A fertility and women’s health expert, Barr specialises in five elements acupuncture, the ancient Chinese theory all about how the mind, body and spirit are made up of wood, fire, earth, metal and water, and that these energies should be in perfect balance to achieve ultimate wellbeing.

Price: from £100/session

Where: Notting Hill/Marylebone

Glow Bar

USP: The instant glow up

Nothing says so-long 2021 like sweating it out in your own private infrared sauna pod. Heated to a more manageable 70C, compared with traditional saunas, infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin to promote circulation, boost collagen and deep slumber — you’ll sleep like a baby afterwards. Be sure to check out Glow Bar’s own range of adaptogenic herbs, crystals and moon milks while you’re there.

Price: £45 for 45 minutes

Where: 70 Mortimer St, W1W 7RY

Anisha Joshi

USP: The celeb osteo

 (Anisha Joshi with client Rita Ora)
(Anisha Joshi with client Rita Ora)

Anisha Joshi treats everyone from Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw to professional athletes for issues relating to back pain, poor posture and headaches. She incorporates soft tissue techniques, body mechanics, shockwave therapy, ultrasound and exercise rehabilitation in her sessions. Expect to ease achy joints fast.

Price: From £90/session

Where: 4 Cavendish Square, W1G 0PG

Flavia Morellato

USP: Ease bloating and feel lighter

 (Flavia Morrelato)
(Flavia Morrelato)

Brazilian-born physiotherapist Flavia Morellato is renowned in the capital for her personalised lymphatic drainage technique, a gentle therapeutic massage which stimulates lymph flow around the body, helping to flush out excess water and reduce bloating and water retention. You’ll leave feeling lighter and energised after just one session.

Price: from £200/55 minutes

Where: Kensington or Balham (home visits also available)

The Wellness Foundry

USP: For spiritual souls

 (The Wellness Foundry)
(The Wellness Foundry)

Always wanted to have your aura read? With tarot and psychic readings, energy healing, aura diagnosis, astrology and natal birth chart readings, The Wellness Foundry is a one-stop shop for all things spiritual. Treatments take place online only, as the practitioners are based around the world, but that doesn’t make them any less eye-opening for the curious.

Price: from £120/60 minutes.

Where: online

Renata Nunes

USP: The full-body reboot

 (Renata Nunes Physiotherapist)
(Renata Nunes Physiotherapist)

Physiotherapist and acupuncturist Renata Nunes combines systemic acupuncture to balance vital energy — also known as qi — cupping and massage (on the head, neck, abdomen or back) in her highly bespoke whole-body wellness treatments which will leave you feeling like a new person. She also offers a menu of physio and pregnancy-specific treatments.

Price: from £170 /60 minutes

Where: Home visits only (zone 1-3)

House of Wisdom

USP: Zen out with sound therapy

 (House of Wisdom)
(House of Wisdom)

Balance, breathe and reconnect at the House of Wisdom, a wellness hub based in central London where you can partake in everything from gong baths to alchemic crystal bowl healing and shamanic drum journeys (which, by the way, lead you into a deep trance-like meditation in case you were wondering). Kundalini and yin yoga are just a few of the restorative movement classes on offer. Book in and zen out.

Price: £35 for two sessions

Where: Regent’s Place, 350 Euston Road, NW1 3JN

Cloud Twelve

USP: The day detox

 (Cloud Twelve)
(Cloud Twelve)

Cloud Twelve is a wellness and day spa set across three floors. There’s a salon, spa and holistic wellness clinic, plus a healthy brasserie and crèche. Treatments include CBD massages, facials, pre and post-natal rituals, naturopathic nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and colonic hydrotherapy. Go for the whole shebang, then detox in the infrared saunas and Himalayan salt rooms before chilling out on the dolomites quartz beds.

Price: treatments individually priced

Where: 2 - 5 Colville Mews, W11 2DA

The Calmery

USP: Raise your vibrations

Everything feel a little stagnant? To get your energy flowing in the right direction again, book in for a session with reiki practitioner and shamanic healer Sushma Sagar, who is renowned in the capital for her reiki facial (read: less furrowed brow after some downtime while she raises your vibrations) and is back offering in-person energy healing at her central London clinic.

Price: from £185/session

Where: 1 Harley Street, W1G 9QD

Jessica Boston Hypnotherapy

USP: Refocus and realign

Feeling a little lost right now? Who can blame you. A session with cognitive hypnotherapist and life coach Jessica Boston will coax you out of your lockdown rut. Boston aims to help you build a positive relationship with your “unconscious mind” to help you overcome challenges in your professional, personal and emotional life. Clients receive MP3s after each session to help build on progress in their own time.

Price: enquire directly

Where: online

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