Little boy says 'I don't care' when introduced to baby sister, leaving parents in stitches

A mum was left laughing after her little boy said "I don't care" - when he met his baby sister for the first time.Ashley Stevens, 30, said she thought her son Kole was excited to meet his new sister Kiana.But she and husband Whitney Stevens, 36, couldn’t help but burst out laughing when their son said "I don’t care" upon finally meeting.Luckily, after getting used to being an older brother, Ashley says Kole, now eight, is a great sibling to Kiana, five, and their new baby sister Kingsley, who is eight months.Ashley, a stay-at-home mum, from Machiasport, Maine, US, said: “He was so excited and kept saying he wanted a little sister.SWNS