Little girl from Coventry bids to break world record for incredible hair

A Coventry girl may have a record breaking hair length, after her mother put in a bid for the Kids World Record.

Five year old Anastasia Karajova, who is non-verbal autistic, has hair that measures 107cm from her forehead and reaching right down to the mid-point of her calves. Her mother Angela Rusu said that she had applied for a variety of different organisations and found that while she was too young for the Guinness Book of Records, the Kids Book of Records was interested.

“There are so many different organisations that offer these awards and I applied for so many. Some of them have answered already and said we just need to send extra photos and videos before waiting for the certificate.”

Anastasia, who is non-verbal autistic, said that her hair became so long after rigidly sticking to a routine.

“Her routine is very important. When I wake her up in the morning, she knows I will brush her hair. We take our time before I take her to school. If I put her hair in a different style, she doesn’t like it.

Currently, the longest hair in the world for 5 years old is 88cm and belongs to a girl from New Delhi. Currently in talks to determine if a record has been broken, Anastasia’s mother said she hoped the achievement would inspire other families with autistic children.

“It’s mainly my daughter Anastasia and the fact that all kids with special needs are special and God gives them other talents or blesses them in different ways. She doesn’t talk but what hair!”

The pair are hoping to hear back about a final decision on Anastasia’s hair around September.

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