Little girl with cystic fibrosis has virtually no symptoms after prescribed with miracle drug

Little Harriet Corr, seven, is fighting fit again after enduring years of coughing fits, and a weakened immune system - linked to her condition.

With her health declining, her mum, Emma Corr, 42, campaigned for seven years for her daughter to be granted access to the drug Orkambi - available in the US.

Emma teamed up with a group of parents whose children have cystic fibrosis to lobby the government to get the drug available on the NHS.

Their first victory was when Orkambi was made available in October 2019 and then another drug, Kaftrio, was also green-lighted in February 2022.

As soon as Harriet started taking the drug in February 2022, there was an "overnight" transformation in her health.

The schoolgirl is now able to run around and keep up with other children her age, has gained weight and no longer is kept up all night coughing.

Her lung capacity is now 120% after plummeting to a frightening 67% at her worst.

Emma, a teacher, from Hebburn, Tyne and Wear, said: “It’s not an exaggeration to say I didn’t sleep for the first seven years of Harriet’s life.

“I would sit up all night by her side as she would cough.

“Campaigning to get the wonder drugs available on the NHS is what pushed me through as I would email MPs throughout the night.

“I get scared speaking about it in case I jinx it, but it is absolutely amazing to see how far Harriet has come from this time last year.”