Little girl has sassy response after she was given an 'empty' birthday card

Watch this little girl's hilarious response to being given an 'empty' birthday card.

Barley Nicolet (corr) was filmed on her fourth birthday turning to her mum Emma Nicolet and saying: "Hang on... this has not got anything in!"

The youngster, from Pulbrough, Sussex, went on to say it's "just a card!" - because she was expecting something to fall out.

Radio presenter Emma, 42, said: "Barley just comes out with stuff all the time and it blows our minds.

"I don't think she even meant it in the way it came across - it's not like she really receives money in cards at her age!

"I'm not sure what was going through her little head - she can't read, so to her it was just a piece of paper.

"She says things way older than her years. It's just typical Barley!"

Mum-of-two Emma filmed it three years ago on September 13, 2019, but recently uploaded it to TikTok where it went viral.

Emma added: "She's a mimic - she watches things on TV shows and plays a character.

"She wasn't really being ungrateful - she's a very grateful child normally.

"She had been opening presents so probably hadn't differentiated it from a present and thought it was empty.

"Normally, Barley is bright and funny and loves entertaining people.

"But she's shy unless you know her so we get her best moments at home."