Little Girl 'Terrified' After Burglars Break in Through Bedroom Window

A little girl in Staffordshire has been left too scared to sleep alone, her father has said, after burglars broke in through her bedroom window.

Adrian Thompson and his family were out when the break-in happened, on November 12, but his home CCTV recorded the incident.

This clip, posted by Thompson on Facebook, shows three masked men breaking into his house in Basford.

Thompson told Stoke-on-Trent Live the break-in has left his four-year-old daughter scared to sleep in her own bed. He said that the burglars took jewelry and the contents of his daughter’s money box.

“If you were intending on terrifying [my daughter], you have succeeded. If you intended on stealing items of great personal value you have succeeded. If it was just cash you were after then the contents of a little girl’s money boxes probably rates as a miserable failure?” Thompson wrote on Facebook. Credit: Adrian Thompson via Storyful