Little Mix Talk Ignoring Haters And Being Role Models

They are our general inspiration for life so we are totally chuffed to hear Little Mix talking even more sense saying how they’ve learnt to just ignore haters since they first started our as a band.


The sassiest girls in pop were sharing their thought in an interview with the chaps over at Digital Spy when they spilled the wisdom.

Jade explained: “We’ve learned to ignore hate and stuff now. But that is so hard to deal with, and I think that’s changed you a little bit. But if anything it’s made me stronger.”

In the words of Kelly Clarkson – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger etc, etc.



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Moving on the grand old topic of being role models Perrie Edwards added: “I think it’s just a very scary thing to say. It’s a big responsibility and it can be very intense. If people want to look up to you and be like you for you just being yourself, then fair enough, but we are young girls, we’re not perfect, and obviously it’s different because everyone can see those mistakes you are making.”


And that’s exactly why we love you, babes.

“Everybody is there to have a comment on it, or a judgment on it,” she added.

Which is true – like it or not, everyone has an opinion however, at least now we all can take heed from Little Mix and learn to ignore the ones that aren’t so nice.

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