'Little-used' parts of London Underground stations to be built over to provide much-needed housing

Cars parked at Chingford London Overground station
-Credit: (Image: John Keeble/Getty Images)

Sadiq Khan has said that Transport for London (TfL) is set to build over more Tube station car parks as the 'vast majority' of customers do not use them, and the city needs more housing. The Mayor of London also told the London Assembly that the developments and wider infrastructure changes will ensure people can walk or cycle to stops instead.

The issue was raised by Tory London Assembly Member Alessandro Georgiou, who suggested that there are 'many people for whom using the Tube requires parking near the Tube'. He also asked if there were plans to build over any more car parks that did not yet have planning permission.

Mr Khan said: "Transport for London (TfL) recognises the importance of cars for a number of its customers, though of course the vast majority of its customers do not use car parking. TfL will continue to encourage the use of active methods of travel including walking, cycling and public transport and, as set out in the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, support the provision of car clubs for residents enabling more Londoners to give up their cars while allowing for infrequent car travel in inner and outer London. Where TfL develops car parks, it always seeks to retain Blue Badge parking."

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Sadiq Khan standing with Labour party activists
Sadiq Khan says TfL's property company, Places for London, is forecasting to grow its income from £90.1m in 2023/24 to £219.2m in 2032/33 -Credit:Ricky Vigil/Getty Images

The mayor also said: "TfL constantly reviews the options for its car parks across the network in line with the Mayor’s Transport Strategy. New developments will allow it to meet London’s urgent housing needs while providing money to reinvest in the transport network. In recent years, TfL has made progress on a number of car park sites, with new housing built at Blackhorse Road and works starting at Snaresbrook and Wembley Park. As opportunities are identified, developments will be announced and brought forward in the normal way."

He added: "TfL encourages commuters to use their nearest appropriate station rather than driving into London to park next to the Tube network."

Londoners 'urgently need new affordable homes'

AM Georgiou also enquired as to TfL plans to 'compensate for lost revenue if it builds on any more Tube station car parks'. Mr Khan replied: "Places for London is delivering thousands of urgently needed new affordable, sustainable homes on former car parks and other sites across the capital.

"The development of homes on former Tube station car parks is a key focus of Transport for London’s (TfL’s) wholly owned property company, Places for London. This activity offers Places for London the ability to generate capital receipts and revenue through rental income (as well as driving fare income for TfL). Places for London is forecasting to grow its income from £90.1m in 2023/24 to £219.2m in 2032/33. All Places for London’s profit from recurring revenue is paid as a dividend to TfL to then invest in the transport network."

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