Liv is arrested as the truth comes out

Daniel Kilkelly
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Bernice is determined to get Liv to admit what she did, but a desperate Gabby pleads with her mum to respect her decision to take the blame.

Later, Liv finally admits that it was her who spiked the drink, leaving Zak and Belle horrified and Aaron alarmed. Soon afterwards, the Dingles are left devastated when the police arrive to arrest Liv. Which member of the family reported her?

Photo credit: ITV

Meanwhile, Ross tries to cover his feelings about Debbie and Joe being back together, but Pete sees through him and is furious to see how much Debbie has hurt him.

Later, Charity is confused to see Debbie arrive at The Woolpack with Joe and Debbie is sickened as she fears what her future holds. Charity confronts Debbie for being back with Joe. Joe is clearly plotting something, but what?

Elsewhere, Brenda is eager to stop Bob and Laurel spending time together. Bob is also unsettled by Brenda's enthusiastic wedding plans. Later, there's chemistry between Laurel and Bob as he helps her get out of a glue-covered top.

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