Wave of Russian missiles strike Ukraine, Kremlin says Ukrainian drones hit air bases

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Air alerts blared across Ukraine and officials urged civilians to take shelter from a wave of deadly Russian missile strikes that caused major power outages. The strikes followed what the Kremlin said were Ukrainian drone attacks on two air bases deep inside Russian territory. Read our live blog to see how all the day's events unfolded. All times are Paris time (GMT+1).

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10:30pm: Ukrainian air defence systems shot down nine out of 10 missiles directed at Kyiv region, say officials

"It was a day of a record success rate for Ukraine's air defence systems. They claim to have shot down more than 60 of about 70 missiles that were fired from Russia towards various targets in Ukraine [. . . ] In terms of Kyiv region and the capital, nine out of 10 missiles were apparently shot down", reports FRANCE 24 correspondent Gulliver Cragg.

9:56pm: White House says it is not surprised by Russian reaction to oil price cap

The White House said on Monday that it was not surprised by Russia's reaction to the West's price cap on oil from the country.

Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said the cap can be adjusted over time to prevent Russia from profiting from the war in Ukraine while keeping Russian crude in the market.

7:05pm: Ukraine energy operator warns of emergency cuts in all regions due to Russian strikes

Ukrainian energy operator Ukrenergo warned Monday that emergency shutdowns would be applied across Ukraine as the country contends with the consequences of a new wave of Russian attacks.

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