As it happened: Jeremy Vine shares his views on cycling in London after suffering at the hands of road rage driver two years ago

Sean Morrison, Eleanor Rose
Jeremy Vine: The cyclist and BBC broadcaster is set to speak at City Hall today: PA

Jeremy Vine has shared his views on cycling in London at City Hall.

Two years ago the BBC presenter was on the receiving end of a road rage incident in west London.

The broadcaster spoke at a London Assembly transport meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss attitudes towards cyclists in the capital as the committee look to agree a final report on cycling infrastructure.

It came after a driver was found guilty of road rage offences against the BBC Radio 2 presenter after pushing his bicycle and using inappropriate language in a dramatic road rage clash in August 2016.

The committee is set to outline possible cycling schemes to be rolled out in London, and finalise an infrastructure report for the national infrastructure commissioner.

The live blog has now closed. You can read how the meeting unfolded, as it happened, here…