Live octopus latches on to blogger's face as she tries to eat it in viral video

Staff writer

A Chinese blogger attempted to eat a live octopus while live-streaming but almost instantly regretted her decision in a now-viral video, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman, who goes by "seaside girl Little Seven" on the Chinese short-video platform Kuaishou, is seen trying to pull the stubborn cephalopod from her face at the beginning of the 50-second clip. The octopus hangs on to the left side of her face for dear life as she pries it tentacles off.

The woman initially chuckles a little bit but soon realises the severity of her situation as she slowly pulls one of the octopus' tentacles from her lips.

"Look how hard it's sucking," she tells her viewers.

She then wails louder as she pulls off the octopus' remaining tentacles from her nose and her left eye. The eight-legged creature finally relents but not before leaving a small cut on her face.

"I'll eat it in the next video," she says determinedly until she notices the bleeding.

"My face is disfigured," she then cries.

The practice of eating live seafood - especially octopuses - is common, particularly in Asian countries like South Korea. Some Koreans believe that eating live octopuses can help build strength and stamina, National Geographic points out.

But eating a live octopus also has its risks. If prepared improperly, the octopus can latch onto a person's throat with its tentacles and cause him or her to choke, Gizmodo notes.