Liverpool 'Lamborghini learner driver' spotted as people question how much lessons are

Liverpool Lamborghini
The unusual learner vehicle got people talking -Credit:Reddit

A Lamborghini with 'L' plates has been spotted in Liverpool, leaving people scratching their heads.

Reddit users took to the platform after one made the discovery, with some social media fans wondering how much a lesson would cost. One wrote: "I wonder how much an hours lesson in one of those would cost!!" while another chimed in: "Imagine the insurance!"

Meanwhile another user humorously dubbed the flashy car a "Learnerborghini", adding that the 'L' obviously stood for 'Lamborghini', not 'learner'.

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Users also noticed another car closely tailing the learner driver. One user commented: "Still another car sitting up its a**e at the lights."

Another observer noted that the second car was a BMW. One user questioned the decision to drive a Lamborghini through busy city streets, suggesting such cars were better suited to areas with minimal traffic police presence.

They commented: "You'd be better off coming up here to Scotland where we have long country roads and a complete absence of road traffic policing. But they want to show off."

While many speculated the car might belong to the fortunate offspring of an "international billionaire", it seems it may actually be part of a stunt by a local driving school. Clearview Driving recently posted a YouTube video calling for beginner drivers who could "learn to drive a lambo".

Showing off the flashy Italian motor, instructor Aman Sanghera said: "Got a new upgrade for the learners, let's get in." Whether the car will genuinely be used for driving lessons remains unclear from the video.

Some Liverpool Echo readers wondered whether the L-plated sports car was being prepared for another promo shoot. "Considering the camera on the roof and the foreign plate, maybe it's a joke / they're filming something. Fun sight anyway," speculated one user. Clearview Driving has been contacted for more information.

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