Liz Truss: New British PM says 'together we will weather the storm'

Britain's new Prime Minister Liz Truss made her first address to the British public outside Number 10 Downing Street on Tuesday evening, after she was formally appointed as Boris Johnson's successor by Queen Elizabeth II.

Truss started her speech by paying tribute to her predecessor Boris Johnson, who left after a series of scandals.

She said he would be remembered as the prime minister who "delivered Brexit, the COVID vaccine, and stood up to Russian aggression."

"History will see him as a hugely consequential prime minister," Truss claimed.

Turning to the challenges facing her new administration, Truss said many of the problems were as a result of the aftermath of the COVID pandemic and "Russia's appalling war in Ukraine."

"Now is the time to tackle the issues that are holding Britain back. We need to build roads, homes and broadband faster," the new prime minister said.

"We need more investment and great jobs in every town and city across our country. We need to reduce the burden on families and help people get on in life."

AP Photo
FILE: British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Monday 5 September 2022 - AP Photo

Truss said that she would transform Britain into an aspirational nation with high paying jobs, safe streets and "where everyone has the opportunities they deserve," but did not unveil any new policies which might achieve all these goals.

The prime minister said she would pursue three early priorities: number one, to "get Britain working again" with a "bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts."

She also said that she would ensure households aren't facing "unaffordable" energy bills, and bild new hospitals, schools, roads and broadband infrastructure.

Secondly, Truss said she would he "hands on" with the energy crisis this week, taking action to deal with high energy bills.

And thirdly, Truss said she would take action to improve national health services.

“By delivering on the economy, on energy and on the NHS. We will put our nation on the path to long term success," Truss added.

"I am confident that together we can ride out the storm. We can rebuild our economy and we can become the modern brilliant Britain that I know we can be.