Liz Truss insists Government's Northern Ireland trade plan will benefit nationalists and unionists

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss insisted the Government's controversial plans to override the Northern Ireland Protocol would help overcome political problems in Belfast. Unionists have refused to form a new powersharing executive with Sinn Fein after the nationalist party won more seats than any other group in Stormont in elections last month. Ms Truss told BBC Breakfast: "The problem with the arrangements at the moment in the Northern Ireland Protocol is that they are undermining the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and the balance between the communities in Northern Ireland. "Because, whilst we have seen north-south relationships and trade protected, because of the customs bureaucracy east-west we've seen fewer goods come in to Northern Ireland, we've seen them come in at a higher cost, and we've also seen companies from Great Britain not trading." Ms Truss added that the existing arrangements prevent the UK from allowing Northern Ireland to benefit from tax reductions.

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