Lizzo addresses ‘annoying’ rumour she killed someone during stage dive

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Lizzo addresses ‘annoying’ rumour she killed someone during stage dive

Lizzo, the pop singer behind hit single “Truth Hurts”, has responded to rumours that she once killed a fan during a stage dive.

While completely unfounded, that hasn’t stopped it doing the rounds online.

On TikTok, Lizzo has answered the bizarre claims with a short video in which she says: "So, I’ve seen a lot of annoying things about me on the internet but the thing that bothers me the most is this rumour that I stage dived at a concert and killed somebody.”

She continued: "Like, that rumour, it’s a lie, first of all. I’ve never stage dived in my life and b****, how, like killed somebody?”

“Y’all really gon’ put that on my m************ name? Like, I know I’m big but b****, I’m not that f****** big."

To demonstrate her stagediving skills, the singer then filmed herself belly flopping onto her bed.

If the rumours had been true, she wouldn’t have been the first star to cause injury through a stage dive – Post Malone once jumped into a crowd but nobody was there to catch him.

Lizzo recently told her fans that she wants them to stay six feet away from her at all times and said she did not want to “catch this m************ virus.”

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