Lizzo confuses fans with elaborate Marge Simpson costume set to Family Guy voiceover

Lizzo confused many of her Instagram followers after sharing a look at her Halloween costume for the year.

The “Good as Hell” singer shared a short video clip to the social media website, in which she was dressed as the yellow-skinned Marge Simpson from The Simpsons.

In the video, she can be seen miming to a voice recording of a popular cartoon matriarch – but not Marge.

Instead, the voice that plays is that of Family Guy’s Lois Griffin, who yells: “Peter!”

“The crossover episode y’all been waitin for,” Lizzo wrote in the comments.

Reactions to the video were mixed, with many praising Lizzo’s extensive makeup. Many, however, expressed confusion over the audio.

“But this is Marge Simpson tho... I don’t get it,” one person wrote. “But this is a great costume tho.”

“Why u do a Family Guy sound tho?” another follower asked.

“Lizzo this sound is from Family Guy not Simpsons,” someone else pointed out.

Others, however, saw the funny side, praising Lizzo for a well-executed joke.

“Lmao at all the people not knowing you did this intentionally and losing their minds,” one person wrote.

“She said ‘crossover episode’ for a reason. Learn to read, people,” quipped another.

“It’s the caption literally saying CROSSOVER and all these people still saying ‘that’s Lois from Family Guy though, you’re dressed like Marge’,” someone else wrote, alongside two “unamused” and “rolling on the floor laughing” emojis.

“The way people can’t read the caption is absolutely sending me!!” another person wrote. “She knows it’s a Family Guy sound.”

While Lizzo is far from the only celebrity to share a Halloween outfit this year, The Simpsons is also airing its own annual Halloween tribute.

As part of the yearly “Treehouse of Horror” episode, the long-running cartoon series is adopting an anime aesthetic in the style of Death Note.