Lizzo stops sold-out Glasgow concert to help couple get engaged

Lizzo stops sold-out Glasgow concert to help couple get engaged

Lizzo stopped her Glasgow concert to help a couple get engaged.

During her show at the OVO Hydro on Wednesday, the singer, 34, spotted a fan animatedly gesturing to her to take their phone.

When she did, she read the message on it to the sold-out audience.

It stated: “Ask my brother’s boyfriend to marry him.”

Lizzo then asked the crew to hold a microphone up to the boyfriend as she held the phone, which had the man, named Ryan, about to be asked to get married on the line.

“Can we get a f*****g yes?” (@scottmclaachlan/TikTok)
“Can we get a f*****g yes?” (@scottmclaachlan/TikTok)

The young man then asked Ryan: “Will you marry me?” while being beamed onto a giant screen behind her.

With cheers from the crowd, he added: “For the love of god, just say yes," prompting the Good as Hell singer to also ask him: “What do you say?”

Ryan then responded: “Yes,” prompting Lizzo to scream: “Can we get a f*****g yes?”

The moment followed Lizzo’s pal Harry Styles helping a man propose to his girlfriend during his Love On Tour in Australia.

The As It Was star, 29, stopped his Brisbane show to hand Stevan Filiposki a microphone so he could propose to Connie Morrison.

An audience member shared a clip of the moment on TikTok.

In the clip, Styles noticed a sign in the audience that read, “Make my boyfriend propose.”

He then handed his microphone to Filiposki, who said: “I just want to say how good Harry Styles is, but there’s somebody I love more.”

He then got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend: “Will you marry me?” Styles then dedicated his song Cinema to the pair.