'What a Load!' Koala Mum Crosses Road With Two Joeys on Her Back in Victoria

Rosalind Willis and her husband were driving down a road in rural Victoria, Australia, when they spotted a koala carrying not one, but two joeys on her back in October.

When koalas are born, they immediately go inside their mother’s pouch for about seven months to develop their ears, eyes, and fur, at which point they emerge from the pouch and ride on their mother’s back for a while.

“My husband and I were driving along a local country road near our property when we saw the koala sitting on the road. It wasn’t until we got out of the car to film her when we noticed she had two babies,” Willis told Storyful.

In the video, Willis says, “There’s a handful!” and “What a load!” at the two joeys crowded on their mom’s back, Credit: Rosalind Willis via Storyful