Local communities to get $1.6 million in food and beverage tax revenues

Mar. 15—ANDERSON — The Madison County Council has approved distributing $1.6 million to nine local communities from the county's share of food and beverage tax revenues.

The council on Tuesday approved the recommendation from the Madison County Council of Governments.

Council members did vote to place a restriction on the $60,550 requested by the town of Summitville to demolish three buildings.

Councilwoman Bethany Keller initially asked that the funding be removed from the request because the town didn't own all three properties.

She said local residents were unhappy with the fact that food and beverage tax revenues were used to demolish a building in Alexandria and the property owner never reimbursed the funds.

That building is partially owned by Jerry Alexander, a former member of the County Council. A lawsuit is pending to recover the insurance proceeds.

Councilwoman Jodi Norrick said Summitville owns one of the properties and a property owner has indicated they will donate one of the remaining parcels to the town.

Keller amended her motion to allow Summitville to receive the funding once it secures ownership of all three properties.

Jerry Bridges, executive director of the Council of Governments, said Summitville is considering building a new town hall on the properties or selling them for a private development.

Madison County receives 40% of revenues generated from a 1% food and beverage tax; Anderson receives 60% of the funds.

The town of Frankton was approved in the amount of $100,000 for a stormwater improvement project on Clyde Street to reduce flooding near the high school and along Lafayette and Pogue streets.

The total project cost is estimated at $428,083.

Alexandria's request for $150,000 was approved to be used as a 50% match for a façade improvement program.

Pendleton requested $250,000 for a three-year grant façade program, which was approved but will have to wait for the available funding in the future.

The town of Edgewood will receive $50,000 to build a restroom and shower at the fire station for female firefighters. The project will be funded in the future when funds are available.

The city of Elwood will receive $225,000 for an irrigation system at the golf course.

The Town of Ingalls was approved to receive $170,000 for the placement of gateway signage along Interstate 69 at Exit 214.

Markleville's request for $150,000 for the construction of a community building at the town park was approved.

Orestes was approved for $50,000 to improve the town park in four phases, with the first phase including replacing a wooden play set with a metal play set.

Madison County will receive $270,287 for operating expenses this year for the TRAM (Transportation for Rural Areas of Madison County).

A second request in the amount of $125,000 for COG for pictometry flights in the county was approved but will have to wait until the funds are available.


The council approved a request from Auditor Rick Gardner to transfer $2.5 million into the county's Rainy Day fund.

Gardner said the transfer raises the amount in the fund to $13.6 million.

He said the funds will generate $682,000 in interest this year.

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