Locals Help Free Plow From Deep Snow as Winter Storm Hits Ontario

Locals helped free a plow that had become stuck in deep snow in Ontario, Canada, on January 17, as a winter storm hit the region.

Video filmed by Zoey Dimitrova-Chappell in Mississauga, shows the snow piled high on vehicles as people use shovels to dig out the plow.

“People on my street are helping the snow plow because it is currently stuck in the snow… there is so much snow that the big snow plow is stuck”, Dimitrova-Chappell says in this footage.

According to local authorities 45 centimetres (17.7 inches) of snow fell across Mississauga, as as of Monday afternoon.

Environment and Climate Change Canada ended the winter storm warning for the region, on Monday afternoon as conditions eased. Credit: Zoey Dimitrova-Chappell via Storyful