Locals pamper themselves with bizarre snake massage given by live pythons

Locals pampered themselves with a bizarre snake massage given by live pythons in the Philippines.Footage shows a tourist being treated to the 'relaxing' massage, which involves laying a Burmese python and an albino python on top of the client and allowing them to crawl all over one's body.The unusual service, which lasts for 30 minutes a session, is available at the Kalibo Ostrich Farm in Aklan province for a reasonable 300 PHP (5.5 USD).Farm owner Ramon Dio said: 'The massages are safe because we've been taking care of the snakes since they were small.'He added that in case the pythons misbehave, a trained zookeeper is always on standby to intervene.Ramon said: 'We always tell our guests not to be noisy, and not to blow on the snakes. We also don't allow them to eat inside the massage area.'Aside from the snake massage, there are also some 40 Australian and African ostriches showcased at the farm.