Locals take part in bizarre fishing race in northern Thailand

Thai locals took part in a bizarre fishing race to catch Mekong giant catfish while riding on small boats. Footage shows the competitive fishermen trawling their nets hoping to catch the biggest fish in Nakhon Ratchasima province on March 27. Aside from the Mekong giant catfish, shark catfish, as well as giant barbs, java barbs, and wallago fish, were being cultivated in the lake. The festival drew in merchants who bought the fish caught for up to 100 Baht (2.32GBP) per kilogram. The Mekong giant catfish – the biggest among the fish in the pond – can weigh up to 90 kg. The lucky fisherman who caught the biggest catfish received a 5,000 Baht (116 GBP) prize in addition to the money he earned from selling the fish. One of the organisers hoped that the event could stimulate the local economy still struggling with the Covid-19 downturn. He said: ‘Our province had become quiet and dull since the pandemic. We hope that the fish catching race would bring back fun and entertainment that the locals had not experienced for a long time.’ Each participant paid 3,500 Baht (81 GBP) to join but they were allowed to catch as many fish as they can and sell them to merchants who attended the event.