Locals play traditional games to celebrate Harvest Festival in villages in southern India

Locals played traditional games in villages in South India, to celebrate Harvest Festival. The festivities were filmed in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu state on 17 January. Pongal, also known as Harvest Festival, is a traditional festival of Tamil Nadu, celebrated to thank the Sun God for agricultural abundance. The festival is celebrated by adorning houses with Kolam designs (drawing with coloured powder), offering Pongal (a sweet dish made up of lentil and rice) to the Sun God, and playing fun traditional games. Pongal festival originated in villages and hence it is a tradition to play games and have fun during the four-day Pongal celebrations. The games include Uri Adithal, in which a person is blindfolded and asked to smash a pot suspended high in the air. Running races for kids and musical chairs are also played.

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