Locals Survey Damage to Kyiv Residential Tower After Deadly Attack

Residents surveyed heavy damage to a Kyiv high-rise on April 29, a day after the area was hit by a Russian attack.

According to Ukraine officials, the strike killed at least one person and injured at least 10. RFE/RL journalist and producer Vera Girich, who lived in the building, was killed, the outlet said on Friday.

This video, streamed live on Facebook by Dmytro Antoniuk on Friday, shows significant damage to the apartment building and other structures in the residential neighborhood. The strike coincided with a visit by United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and shattered a period of calm in the Ukrainian capital following withdrawal of Russian forces stationed nearby. Credit: Dmytro Antoniuk via Storyful

Video transcript



My friends, I am in Kyiv, now. In my hometown, home city. And this is the place where, yesterday, Russian rocket hit this--


--residential building. Here, one of my colleagues, a journalist, died in her flat, in her apartment, unfortunately. And 10 people were injured. So you cannot forget that the war is going on. And you have to take conscious steps. You have to remember about your safety. So this is very important. So, please, my friends, wherever you are, stay safe because your help, we need very much.



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