Locals warned to stay away as 35ft whale carcass washed up on Devon beach

This huge whale carcass was spotted washed up on a British beach.

Government specialists have reportedly been notified after the mammal – thought to be a baleen whale – was spotted at Hartland Quay on the North Devon Heritage Coast.

The body, which is around 35 feet long, was first seen at around 4pm on Wednesday.

Huge – people have been warned to stay away from the enormous carcass (Pictures: SWNS)

Sarah Stafford, manager of the nearby Hartland Quay Hotel and Pub, said: “We have reported it to the Government on their specialist whale and dolphin hotline.

“It’s huge but it’s definitely dead. We think it’s a baleen whale.”

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People have reportedly been warned to stay away from the carcass to avoid the risk of disease.

It is also illegal to remove any part of a whale that has been washed up.

Experts – locals have reported the find, which is believed to be a dead whale, to the government

Last month a whale found off the Norwegian coast had to be euthanised after scientists found 30 plastic bags in its stomach.

A study by the World Economic Forum estimates that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea, by weight, than fish.