Lockdown driver who got car stuck in the mud after ‘feeding ducks’ fined £200

Richard Vernalls, PA
·1-min read

A driver claiming to have travelled 25 miles in lockdown to “feed the ducks” before getting their car stuck in the mud has been fined.

West Mercia Police issued the £200 fixed penalty notice in Telford, Shropshire, this week.

On the force’s Telford & Wrekin Cops Facebook account, posted Thursday, police showed a photograph of the Audi hatchback, with its front tyres bogged down in muddy ground and dirt spattered up the wheel arch.

Commenting, they said: “A trip from Walsall to Telford to ‘feed the ducks’ is one thing, but to get your car stuck as well…

“This isn’t a reasonable excuse.

“The person involved was reported by a member of the Brookside Safer Neighbourhood Team and will be receiving a £200 fixed penalty.”

The post concluded by urging people to stick to the rules.

Under lockdown measures introduced by the Government across England, people must stay at home and only go out if they have a reasonable excuse.

Such reasons include activities like shopping for essentials, working where it cannot be done from home, and for education, training or medical appointments.