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Eek! This high-end Logitech gaming mouse is over 50% off — grab it for $37

What is it?

How often do you think about your mouse when you game? If the answer is anything other than "never," then you need a new mouse. The last thing you want in a competitive environment is to be slowed down or distracted by shoddy controls. The Logitech G502 Hero is a tremendous gaming mouse with a ton of awesome features and it's on sale right now for just $37 — that's over 50% off.

With 11 customizable buttons, an adjustable weight system and precision button tensioning, this mouse will last you for years to come — and win you many games.

$37 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

Gaming mice tend to be pretty expensive, so grabbing them on sale is a great way to keep costs down. With this mouse currently sitting at a 54% discount — only $7 more than its lowest price ever — it's time to carpe diem this deal. Plus, with so many excellent games releasing this fall, now's the time to grab the best tool for the job.

Why do I need this?

There's a lot to love about this mouse. Let's start with the most front-facing feature: the customizable buttons. They're spread over the layout of the mouse instead of clustered all in one place, and you can assign different game and system commands. It's an excellent tool for switching screens quickly or responding to Twitch messages if you're a streamer.

Another huge feature is the adjustable weight system. Some gamers prefer a lightweight mouse, while others like their mouse to be somewhat heavy (I'm in the latter camp). Logitech G502 Hero can be adjusted to weigh anywhere from 121 grams to 139 grams through a series of five 3.5 gram weights. The weights fit into the bottom of the mouse, just above the bottom plate, and can be swapped out at any time.

The DPI (that's dots per inch, but refers to how responsive and sensitive the mouse is) ranges from 200 all the way up to 25,600. If you're playing something fast-paced like Starcraft or League of Legends, a higher DPI is your friend — but trying to line up a tricky headshot in Battlefield 2042 demands a lower DPI for that precision aiming.

There are also custom profiles for each of your games, so you can have the DPI, RGB layout, and more swap on the fly depending on what you're playing. But the most important feature of all is that the mouse is ergonomic; it's designed to be comfortable in your hand over extended gaming sessions, so you won't feel the burn in your wrist even after the 15th hour of your Civ 6 marathon.

Never miss the game-winning shot again because of a faulty mouse. (Photo: Amazon)
Never miss the game-winning shot again because of a faulty gaming mouse. (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say:

"I love this mouse! I have been using this model for years!" said one reviewer. "Every time I get a new computer, I get a new one of this model of mouse to use with it. I ordered three recently when I saw the price had dropped... This mouse is very durable. I have only had one where the bottom plastic part came off when I was vigorously gaming but it snapped back on easily, and I continued gaming. I see that they have the new highly rated wireless model now, but I prefer a wired mouse. This been the one for me, and I have been totally satisfied with it."

Another gamer wrote that everyone in his house has a Logitech G502 mouse. "Logitech software is easy enough to use and you don't need an account to use it, which is nice. It's easy enough to configure all buttons the way you want them. The scroll wheel lock and weights are by far the best features. Best of all, it's outlived both the Razor Naga Trinities I had. Highly recommend for business, personal, and gaming use."

"The sensor is this mouse is legit, one of the best I’ve ever come across and I’ve used a lot of gaming mice in my life. From Razer to Alienware, this one competes with the best of them. The adjustable weights are also a plus. I’m not hardcore on FPS so I don’t use them but they can come in handy for those of you who are into shooters. The extra buttons are also a big plus. It has a couple and they can be very useful," said another gamer. "The only downside I can think of is the mouse itself is rather a bit small for my taste and I think it could use a pinky support but I do have large hands so perhaps it isn’t applicable for everyone."

With 11 customizable buttons, an adjustable weight system and precision button tensioning, this mouse will last you for years to come — and win you many games.

$37 at Amazon

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