‘Loki’ star Tom Hiddleston shows off the one item he’s taken from a Marvel set

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday, Loki star Tom Hiddleston was asked to show off something he has taken from a Marvel set through his decade-plus run with the franchise. After Kimmel pointed out that Hiddleston’s frequent co-star, Chris Hemsworth, has acquired multiple Thor hammers, the host was hoping the actor would have something equally as interesting.

Hiddleston stepped away from camera for a moment, and when he returned he was happy to be wearing a black and grey scarf and asked: “Remember this?”

“A scarf,” Kimmel said. “No, I do not remember that.”

Of course Hiddleston was happy to nerd-splain the scarf for Kimmel, telling him that Loki comes down to visit Thor in the first movie and he's wearing the scarf. To which Kimmel, who was clearly still not impressed, replied: “That's all you got, huh?”