London's most unusual coffees

David Ellis, Jeffrey Young
Pretty in pink: AIDA's rose latte

London loves coffee and maybe – if certain dubious science is to be believed – coffee even loves us back, apparently helping us to live longer.

Whether true or not, it’s certainly been a long-standing love affair, even if goats have been getting their caffeine fix longer than we have. Legend says that coffee was discovered after an Ethiopian herder called Kaldi – God knows how we know his name – noticed his flock would stay up all night after chewing the berries of a nearby plant. He told the local monastery and we’ve all been getting wired since.

If your regular fix of regular joe isn’t cutting it, then head out for some of the most unusual and most beautiful coffee around London. Swot up and drink in our list below from London Coffee Festival founder Jeffrey Young. The festival returns in April with everything from latte art champions to the world’s best baristas. For more information, visit

Farm Girl Cafe

This colourful Notting Hill café will brighten up your drabbest January day. Inspired by Australian café-culture, here you can order a healthy, holistic lunch alongside a latte every colour of the rainbow. Famed for its Insta-worthy lattes, try the black charcoal latte (made with activated charcoal, date syrup and cashew milk), the blue Butterfly Matcha (made with organic blue matcha powder with almond milk) or their most famous creation, the rose latte (a double shot with rose water infused milk and petals).

59A Portobello Rd, W11 3DB,



Hidden behind artfully arranged racks of clothing, concept store AIDA’s coffee shop doesn’t disappoint. Once you’ve finished browsing the rails, try one of AIDA’s range of experimental lattes, featuring chai, sunshine, matcha and, most Instagrammably, rose. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a coffee whilst they shop?

133 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JE,


This tiny café tucked away in Chinatown is the UK branch of Tsujiri, a Japanese tea house founded in Kyoto 158 years ago. A haven for matcha lovers, choose between matcha lattes, cappuccinos, fresh teas, soft serve ice creams, and iced teas. Thanks to some rather unusual latte art – mainly featuring animal faces – they’ve racked up an army of fans who come down here to try something a little bit different.

47 Rupert St, W1D 7PD,


One of London’s best-known coffee shops, Grind can now be found all over London. Alongside the extensive coffee menu sits an even more exciting list of caffeinated cocktails. Bored of the standard espresso martini? Don’t worry, there are plenty to choose from, including the truly delicious hot flat white Russian. Made using hot milk, Kahlua, vodka and their house espresso, it’s not to be missed.

Across London,

Palm Vaults

Palm Vaults has been hailed one of London’s most Instagrammable cafés, and it’s easy to see why – it’s head-to-toe pastel pink and (unsurprisingly) palm green. The frequently changing menu is equally beautiful, featuring red velvet lattes (made of beetroot), medicinal mushroom lattes (an acquired taste) and pretty much every other trending coffee flavour of 2018.

411 Mare St, E8 1HY,

Rude Health

Another café offering a range of beautiful, colourful coffees is Rude Health. Their range of rainbow lattes include matcha, turmeric, beetroot, charcoal and spirulina – all of which are dairy-free, made using alternative milks.

212 New King's Rd, SW6 4NZ,