London to bask in week-long heatwave as mercury soars

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The capital is set to enjoy sunshine and clear skies next week (PA)
The capital is set to enjoy sunshine and clear skies next week (PA)

London is set to bask in a heatwave with highs of up to 30C expected next week.

According to the Met Office, it could reach 30C on Wednesday, with lots of sunshine and clear skies.

The rest of next week will also see the mercury soar, with temperatures between 28-30C as a heatwave sweeps across the capital.

Nicola Maxie, a spokesperson for the Met Office, said for the London area the weather must be 28C and above for three consecutive days for it to be considered a heatwave.

She said there is a “likelihood” that heatwave criteria will be reached over the weekend and into the start of next week in the southeast of England.

Giving a forecast, she continued: “It remains a warm, fine, dry week but whether we will be hitting heatwave criteria, we can’t be certain at the moment.”

BBC Weather reports it will be 31C on Monday and stay between 29-32C for the whole of next week.

Sizzling weather is also forecast for later in the week, with temperatures expected to hit 28C on Friday, according to the Met Office, although it could be cloudy with sunny spells in the afternoon.

And over the weekend temperatures are set to dip- slightly to 25C on Saturday and 26C on Sunday, the day of the men’s singles Wimbledon final.

It will be dry with some cloud although “lengthy sunny spells” are expected. The Met Office said it will feel “increasingly warm” with light winds.

Met Office spokesman Stephen Dixon said London is set to feel the sun with temperatures well in excess of July’s average of 23 degrees.

However, it is not expected to exceed the hottest day of the year so far, which was 32.7C at Santon Downham in Norfolk on June 17.

It will also be “fine and dry” across most of the UK next week with plenty of sunshine, with warm weather in central, southern and eastern parts.

There will be fresh winds and periods of rain in northwestern areas, but there will also be drier, brigher and warmer spells of weather across the week.

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